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Match of the day

Game against the Junior Team

Match of the dayPosted by Marthyn Ingman Tuesday, December 19 2006 17:03:20

Last Sunday we had a Team of IBN Brussels and Waterloo Lions players that played against the Juinior Team of WL.

The first period was clearly in the hand of the Senior Team that ended first period with 3-0, could have been even more. The Juniors woke up in the 2nd period and had great combinations. They scored 5 goals in this period against 2 for the Seniors. That meant it was 5-5 when last period started. It was really tough on the field, no space for "friendship", there are no Friendly Games!!!!! The Seniors were the team that showed most attitude in the last period and could keep the distance for to secure a 8-7 win, the last goal of the juiniors came on overtime.

The Juniors did a brilliant game and showed that they are willing and ready for bigger games this coming Spring.

Merry X-mas to all of you and a happy new year.

Santa Marthyn

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