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Match of the day

Black took its first victory!

Match of the dayPosted by Marthyn Ingman Sunday, October 14 2007 23:08:15

After last games defeat against Union Beyonais was Rikard and Jens forced to come up with a new tactic and a new way to approach the game. Not sure what was said but Waterloo Lions Black came out as a new team today. They were playing against Speedhoc Brussels, who under the name IBN have won the League 9 times.

First period was tight and 1-1 became 2-2 and with some good pressure could WLB score a 3-2 before the end of the first period. It was clear that it was a new attitude on the field today.

WLB was coming out in the second period with the same stamina as in the first. With a quick goal was WLB 2 goals ahead. Speedhoc came back to a 3-4 but it was no doubt that this was the period of WLB who soon made the fifth goal, 5-3 was the score after two periods.

WLB started the third period a bit nervous and Speedhoc was invited to the game, soon it was 5-5 and most people thought the luck was against WLB.....not today. WLB took the opportunity when a Speedhoc player made a serious error and the WLB player could with a great goal score the important 6-5. Speedhoc was putting all the efforts in the last minutes to score, instead could WLB do a counteattack and secure the first victory of the season, 7-5. Well done!!! Romour is also telling me that our new player Jaakko did a fantastic game, great to hear.

Looking forward to the next game.

I have no scorers yet but I heard that Jaakko did most probably 3 goals and that Lollo scored and that Rikard nearly scored:-))

Love piece and understanding

Marthyn (with help from Peitsa).

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Posted by Sten Sture Tuesday, January 22 2008 15:38:05

Hi Belgium,

Nice to read that Lollo G. is scoring for Waterloo. We're looking forward to see her back in Uppsala, Sweden again later this year. Take care of her!

Go Waterloo!